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ISP Consultancy is a highly professional and experienced organisation that offers comprehensive training for recruitment of Police Constables, Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO). We will assist you in the preliminary stages when you are considering a police career, take you through the national selection process and, after appointment as an officer, assist with your career progression.Police Woman


Joining the police is one of the most important life decisions you will make. It is essential you get it right. To assist you we will:

All of our graduates do well at the application stage and the assessment centre. We are proud of our high pass rate and that we routinely achieve some of the highest pass marks in the country.


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After you are appointed as a serving officer we will assist you with your police career so that you can get into a specialist role, pass a promotion selection board or be selected for the High Potential Development Scheme. Many serving officers we have assisted with recruit selection are now serving in specialist departments like Roads Policing and the Criminal Investigation Department. Many have also been promoted.

To assist you we can provide interview techniques training and design a bespoke package to meet the needs of the particular selection process you will have to undertake.

We pride ourselves in striking a personal relationship with you. You are not just a client; you will be a friend of ISP Consultancy and we will be your mentor and source of guidance as your career progresses.

We work with police forces across the country helping officers with personal development, team working and leadership. We operate inside and outside the police force so we are aware of developments in policing. These developments are incorporated into our police recruitment training and police career development packages.


Application Form - This the first stage in the selection process. It requires you to provide a considerable amount of personal information to enable the police to determine whether you fit the recruitment criteria...more

Seminars and Coaching - You will receive tuition, support materials and have the opportunity to practice each of the exercises to ensure you achieve the level

Interview Techniques - Even though you have passed the assessment centre it does not guarantee you a job; you will have to pass the selection panel to be offered a


Book - Police Selection Process - smallIf you want to become a Police Constable, Police Community Support Officer or a Special Constable you will find the ISP paperback book - ‘The Police Selection Process’ invaluable as it deals with all aspects of the selection process...more


Book - Police Selection Boards - smallHow to pass a police selection board is something of a mystery. What do they want? What are they looking for? How do you prepare for the challenge? This book,  ‘Police Selection Boards’ identifies some of the key knowledge areas for applicants who are seeking personal development, promotion and specialisation. It also incorporates self-assessment that can be used to prepare an action plan and psychometric testing to discover your team and leadership styles...more

Free Tests

Try our free recruit selection Aptitude, Maths and Verbal Logical Reasoning tests and we will provide feedback on how you did.

For further development complete the Team and Leadership Style psychometric tests (note you will need the Police Selection Boards paperback book to interpret the results).

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